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St. Simons Fishing Report April 12, 2018

While listing every fishing report from every trip is darn near impossible, I felt like this one has merit for several reasons. First, let me start off by letting you know that my two LEAST favorite sayings are “you should have been here yesterday” and “that’s why they call it fishing, not catching”. Well I’m here to tell you it IS about catching AND today IS going to be even better than yesterday. But alas, it is fishing, and sometimes it’s about eliminating water and a down right lesson in perseverance.

Here’s the scenario: cool chilly morning, water semi-murky, and of course, my old friend the wind! I had the pleasure of fishing with Marcus today, and we were looking for the Slam. Flounder, trout and red fish were on the menu, and with warming spring water, we were on a mission. Well the wind and fish had other ideas. With some prime redfish real estate being empty or blown out and only a few trout in the box, we (I) were scratching our heads.

Not particularly into the tide phase I prefer for heavy structure, we made a run for trees and blow downs. As I was afraid of, the fish weren’t there or didn’t bite. Bound and determined, we ventured deeper into the marsh looking for recently deposited timber from our past hurricanes. We stumbled upon a group of cedars that had collapsed into a deep depression on an old clay bluff. The presentation was tricky, but it was here we hit pay dirt. We broke fish off, had our bait stolen, pulled the hooks on a few, but hammered away on what turned out to be a good bite of trout, sheepshead, and black drum.

The lesson here, like life, is keep on pushing. Change baits, colors, depths, structure, etc. Do whatever it takes. If they are not biting, move. I think we fished approximately 15 spots today before we found some fish. The red fish and flounder eluded us today, but we switched gears, adapted, and had an absolute blast today! Yeah, it wasn’t as good as yesterday, but it was catching!!

bait, black drum, sheepshead, trout

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Let Capt. Tim's 30 years on the water provide you with the trip of a lifetime!