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Captain's Fishing Reports

St. Simons Fishing Report April 6, 2018

Finally! I got to fish with my favorite fishing partner! Most of you know, while Michelle is a wonderful mother and wife, she doubles as one of the most fearless and accomplished all around anglers I’ve ever fished with. A “natural”, so to speak. Light tackle fishing for red fish with artificial lures is her favorite frustration, but she has put me to shame catching snook, flounder, triple tail and trout as well! I use the word fearless, prudently, as Michelle has fished in everything from named storms to sub-freezing winter days. Well today, ole Momma Nature smiled on us.

Sight fishing was a tad tough as wind against current silted up the flat, but Michelle was able to pick out a wake or two, and the occasional glimpse of a copper flash. After several refusals, Michelle finally got the pick of the litter out of the school. With a little friendly persuasion and maybe a cuss word or two, Michelle muscled a beautiful 30” red out of some line separating oyster shells. We caught a few nice slot fish and got on a surprisingly good trout bite in the deeper pockets on the winding mud flats.

Trust me, we’ve had plenty of days where they wouldn’t eat, came unbuttoned or just plain couldn’t find them. And while being the mom of rambunctious teens doesn’t allow as much fishing time together as  we would like, our times on the water are very special. I am a lucky guy! (Although, just once, I’d like to catch the biggest one!!)

redfish, spring, trout