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Captain's Fishing Reports

St Simons Fishing Report May 2021

Spring is here in the Golden Isles of Southeastern Georgia, and with that comes an abundance of migrating species. In addition to our year round residents of red fish, sea trout, sheepshead and black drum; tarpon, triple tail, king mackerel, Spanish mackerel, and flounder will join the fray!While weather and tide will dictate the targeted species at times, the warmer weather does offer many different angling opportunities.

All types of tackle and techniques will and can be included fishing St Simons and the surrounding area. Live bait, artificial lures and fly tackle all have a place here. Many anglers come to the Golden Isles to knock tarpon and triple tail off their list, as our area has world class fishing for both!

Feel free to email us at Capt.Tim cutting@gmail for any questions, tips or techniques that may make your fishing trip to the Golden Isles a successful one!

Saint Simons Island Fishing Report 2/20/2020…and some waxing philosophical

As a charter Captain, or any business owner, the lead conversation opener is often “how’s business”? Well, often is the case, “busy”, is the answer. Which is usually followed by “that’s a good thing”! Yes, it’s a good thing, and now would be a good time to thank everyone who we’ve fished with over the years, building friendships, making memories and in general, having a real good time. The only downfall is that I enjoy putting words to paper (or “device” I guess). I never realized how many folks enjoy reading fishing reports, fishing forecast, tips, tackle reviews and basically anything fishing related. Over the last few months, many folks have mentioned that they have missed my 2 cents worth of tidal tid bits. That being said, no promises though, I will make a concerted effort to create more “stuff” to write, and if your like me (busy), maybe you’ll have time to read it. (For those who like books with more pictures than words you can find us @captain_tim_cutting on IG, and Facebook as well. Those are updated frequently)

If you’ve gotten this far past the fluff, here is your Saint Simons Island Fishing Report! Cool weather means targeting as much of the low tide phase as possible. I usually target trout or redfish this time of year, as both school tight, and can be quite plentiful when you find them!

This winter’s redfish bite has been very good, with both slot and over slot fish being caught in good numbers. Our general method is to get away from the main rivers and target smaller tributaries that contain either fallen trees, docks, or an abundance of oyster mounds. There are occasions where you you will see redfish in the shallower water, but most of the time, it’s blind casting the ambush points of the mentioned structures. Floating corks with live boat over and around these structures works well. I typically use plastic or shrimp tipped jigs preferring to have my presentation bumping the bottom slowly. The jig method will result in more snags and break-offs, but the rewards are worth it.

This years trout bite was very good and both live bait and lure anglers put up very generous numbers, with many anglers getting their limits. (15 fish per person) The low tide, cool weather pattern holds true for trout as well, although I usually don’t target them in water less than 6 ft. in the cool months, and often, in depths up to 20 ft. My main presentation is a paddle tail type plastic on a 1/16 or 1/8 ounce jig head. I prefer the lighter heads, but many anglers do well with 3/16 and 1/4 ounce heads. Color doesn’t seem to matter, but I will change colors to find what may be working. Most of the time it’s just a matter of finding the fish, although baits with a chartreuse tail have been popular this year. At the time of this writing, we are receiving a lot of fresh water in the marsh. That and an unseasonably warm winter have spread the trout out. The younger and more aggressive trout will usually show themselves in late winter and early spring, so it may be necessary to move quite a bit to locate larger fish. Trout, like their cousins the redfish, will very often school in similar size and age.

I hope all of you had a happy and healthy fall and winter and look forward to fishing with many of you who are already on the books. And again, thanks to all the folks who have and continue to support us over the years! As always, you won’t know, if you don’t go…

St Simons Island Fishing Report 4/17/19

April is definitely our strongest “transition” month for both weather and fish. Wide ranging temperatures, wind, rain, fog, and sunshine may welcome you on any given day, and sometimes ALL on the SAME day! The fish in April can also be just as unpredictable! The good news is many patterns remain fairly consistent and we welcome many of our warmer weather species back to the Golden Isles!

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St Simons Island Fishing Report 3/31/2019

With weather being a key element in any outdoor endeavor, especially fishing, I would say we have had a very typical March pattern. Periods of rain, wind, warming trends and cold fronts. This time of year, St Simons most sought after fish, the spotted sea trout, becomes just plain difficult to pin down. March 2019, has been no different for the specks, as anglers have been hard pressed to find a concentration of trout at any one spot. The good news is redfish, sheepshead, black drum and whiting have filled the trout-gap amazingly well this spring.

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St Simons Island Fishing Report 2/15/2019

Here in the Golden Isles we are getting a spring preview with very mild to warm weather. That will change as winter is not quite done and cold weather patterns will return. The two most consistent options for back country/inshore fishing around St Simons, Jekyll and Sea Island are sheepshead and redfish.

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