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Captain's Fishing Reports

St Simons Island Fishing Report May 3, 2018

Sight fishing is typically not the first thing that comes to mind when targeting fish on the Georgia Coast. With big tides and fast moving water, turbidity can make it fairly difficult to peer into or under the surface. BUT, make no mistake, our sight fishing opportunities here in the Golden Isles may indeed surprise you.

In fact, under good conditions, sight fishing options exist 12 months of the year. This has led to an amazing influx of fly fisherman and light tackle enthusiast on our beaches and marshes. Some of the more common prey are redfish (year round), but our warm weather triple tail fishery may be one of the best the entire Atlantic region has to offer. On two different trips this week we spotted over 35 fish and hooked up and released a third of those! This fishery can remain strong into early fall! The sight fishing species doesn’t end there, as many anglers flock to St Simons Island during the summer months for some of the biggest and best tarpon fishing throughout the region. Sheepshead, big Jacks, Spadefish, Cobia, and Sharks can also be available for sight fisherman that that enjoy “the hunt” as much as the capture! We still have a a few days in May open, and June is filling fast, so feel free to email, text, or call for your next great sight fishing opportunity! Or just relax and catch what you can’t see lurking in the deep!

Sight fishing, Triple tail