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St. Simons Island Fishing Report March 29, 2018

While fishing excursions encompass literally thousands of techniques and equipment from battling huge flying tarpon to tossing light flies at red fish, a good old family fishing trip with youngsters is hard to beat. Today I had the pleasure of fishing with the Allen family again. Watching these kids progress as young men is almost as rewarding as watching them battle competitively (friendly…for the most part) on who caught the most, biggest and tastiest!

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Fishing with Kids 101

A grumpy old Captain once told me there was fishing and “fishing with kids”. He wasn’t adverse to small children in that classic W.C. Fields way, but nevertheless, a tad short on patience towards the little people. Let’s face it, doing anything with your children, grandchildren or anyone’s children for that matter, presents moments (perhaps even hours), when it takes everything you got, not to get a little…let’s say frazzled. Compound that with a day on the water where you are “pot committed” with pretty much no Happy Meal or Play Station to turn to, and things can go sideways in a hurry.

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