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Captain's Fishing Reports

St. Simons Island Fishing Report March 29, 2018

While fishing excursions encompass literally thousands of techniques and equipment from battling huge flying tarpon to tossing light flies at red fish, a good old family fishing trip with youngsters is hard to beat. Today I had the pleasure of fishing with the Allen family again. Watching these kids progress as young men is almost as rewarding as watching them battle competitively (friendly…for the most part) on who caught the most, biggest and tastiest!

This is the time of year when the beaches, rivers, and sounds receive an influx of whiting (a.k.a., Southern Kingfish). These feisty, fine eating fish are big on numbers and taste. And most importantly, easy to catch! Action and numbers for kids, in most cases, will overcome size and species any day! This is often the key to turning young anglers into lifelong fishing partners and making special memories that will last a lifetime. The technique is simple, and this time of year, you can catch these fish standing on the shore, bridge or if the opportunity presents itself, from the boat. Just enough weight to keep a fresh piece of dead shrimp on the bottom will do the trick. Light tackle will work just fine!

Today’s yield was good, as we cleaned three dozen whiting and battled sharks, stingrays and spotted hakes as well. Days like these, I feel like I should be paying the Allen’s for showing me what fishing is all about! Don’t get me wrong, I am passionate about red fish, tarpon, trout, triple tail and others, but hearing the laughter and excitement of kids being kids is a special kind of fun!

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