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St. Simons Fishing Report April 6, 2018

Finally! I got to fish with my favorite fishing partner! Most of you know, while Michelle is a wonderful mother and wife, she doubles as one of the most fearless and accomplished all around anglers I’ve ever fished with. A “natural”, so to speak. Light tackle fishing for red fish with artificial lures is her favorite frustration, but she has put me to shame catching snook, flounder, triple tail and trout as well! I use the word fearless, prudently, as Michelle has fished in everything from named storms to sub-freezing winter days. Well today, ole Momma Nature smiled on us.

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St. Simons Island Spring Fishing Forecast/Tips

Here’s to hoping this forecast is slightly better than the weatherman’s.  After digging into the log books, one thing usually stands out going into spring…water temperature. It seems like 68-72 degrees is a fairly magic number. Trout spawn, redfish tail, flounder file in, triple tail start to show, sharks are on the prowl, baitfish are abundant and those white shrimp start to grow and move.

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March 17, 2018

With winter wrapping up and the vernal equinox fast approaching, the spring “transition” will be in full swing. March brought the usual suspects with fluctuating temperatures and lots of wind. Unlike February and January where many trout and redfish were schooled tight, March has the fish scattered a tad. The good news is that with warming water temps, we get an influx of more species. Sheepshead, black drum, whiting and flounder have all been showing up!

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