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Speckled Trout

Trout Caught

The Spotted Sea Trout (Cunoscion nebulosis), more commonly known as the speckled trout, may be one of the most sought out species here on St. Simons Island. Known for their desire to take a large variety of both live and artificial baits, trout also make excellent table fare.

Trout Caught

Many biologists concur that Georgia may have more Spotted Seatrout per square foot than any other state. Of particular note is the year round abundance of trout in our region, which has led to the Golden Isles being a year round fishing vacation destination, even in the coolest of temperatures. Many anglers in the region will deploy an adjustable depth cork to negotiate current, and to float above the miles of oyster shell and grass the coastal estuaries harbor. The added bonus of the float disappearing is a visual thrill as well. But make no mistake, the seatrout is a voracious hunter that will attack any lure known to man!

Trout Caught

There is currently an effort to keep Georgia’s unparalleled trout population healthy by releasing the bigger female trout over 18″ in length. Seatrout must be at least 14″ to harvest, and if you are looking to plate some of the tastiest fish around, the Georgia Coast may be the place!


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