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Triple Tail Caught

The Triple Tail, or Atlantic tripletail (Lobotes surinamesis) is another bucket list fish that anglers from all over the U.S. travel to the St. Simons area to catch. We have arguably one of the best tripletail fisheries on the Atlantic during late spring and on into late summer.

Triple Tail Caught

This odd, prehistoric, hard fighting and absolutely great eating fish is most commonly “sight fished.” While sight fishing is not for everybody, those avid fisherman who enjoy the hunt, and pursuit of “sight fishing” your prey, are highly addicted to this endeavor. The tripletail, or “tt” generally free floats on top of the water, and is fairly easy to see under bright light conditions.

Triple Tail Caught

As most sight fisherman know, while the hunt is half the fun, finally seeing the prey take your offering is a thrill like no other! While live shrimp is quite often employed for the tripletail, fly fisherman and those using artificial offerings can do just as well. Tripletail in Georgia must be a minimum of 18″ to keep.


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