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Fishing Tips

Tips from the Pros

When negotiating shells, structure and grass, this simple, snag free shrimp works wonders. This particular custom crustacean is created by pairing the popular 3” D.O.A. ¼ oz. shrimp with either a 2/0 or 3/0 red or black Extra Wide Gap worm hook. While it can be rigged traditionally thru the head or front of the bait, I like to rig it thru the tail for a couple of reasons. First, it will look like a fleeing shrimp when twitched, and secondly, this positions the bait weight forward for added casting distance.

Bait with nail and hook

In addition, depending on conditions and depth, I will insert a nail weight or small screw into the nose of the shrimp for added weight. The weight and size of the insert can be altered to suit your needs and many tackle manufacturers offer tungsten nail inserts as well. If you are a lure junky like myself, you may want to further customize this bait by trying some of the following options. This bait comes with a small belly weight that can be substituted with a small chamber rattle in either glass or plastic. To give your bait a little added attraction of scent, coat your nail, screw, rattle or belly weight with your favorite bottle of scent, like the popular Pro-Cure. Pro-Cure is a gel and has very good lasting and holding capabilities. Pro-Cure also comes in red, which makes a nice touch on the tip of the shrimp’s legs. There are a variety of weed-less plastics I enjoy throwing, but this subtle slowly worked D.O.A. shrimp offers a little different look, comes in a variety of colors and will entice even the wariest red fish or trout from the “snaggiest” areas!

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