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Shark Caught

If it is sharks you seek, you’ve come to the right place. The Golden Isles has an amazing array of sharks from May through November. While our shark fishery is arguably second to none, the contour of our beaches makes this one of the safest beaches on the East Coast with virtually no shark attacks ever!

Shark Caught

Jump on one of our boats and your chances of a shark encounter are 100% during the warm months. The list of sharks that can be caught is long and storied. Blacktips, Spinners, Hammer heads, Bonnet heads, Sand bar, Lemon, Atlantic Sharp nose, and Black nose are just a few of these sleek, strong, hard pulling apex predators. Many of the Blacktips and Spinners exceed 100 lbs. and can put on quite an aerial display at times.

“Sharking” is the local guide vernacular, and sharking is not just fishing, it’s catching! Kid friendly for the smaller species and an absolute wild and wooly workout on the larger brutes for teens and adults alike!!


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