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Captain's Fishing Reports

St Simons Island Fishing Report May 3, 2018

Sight fishing is typically not the first thing that comes to mind when targeting fish on the Georgia Coast. With big tides and fast moving water, turbidity can make it fairly difficult to peer into or under the surface. BUT, make no mistake, our sight fishing opportunities here in the Golden Isles may indeed surprise you.

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St Simons Fishing Report April 26, 2018

It’s easy to go from hero to zero in this business and learning to adapt can eliminate the zeros! Lately the inshore bite has been tricky as the emergence of bait and rising water temps has the fish in free range mode and quite scattered. I explained to today’s group that we could shake the bushes for trout, reds and flounder, or we may consider looking for trophy or oversized fish.

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St. Simons Fishing Report April 12, 2018

While listing every fishing report from every trip is darn near impossible, I felt like this one has merit for several reasons. First, let me start off by letting you know that my two LEAST favorite sayings are “you should have been here yesterday” and “that’s why they call it fishing, not catching”. Well I’m here to tell you it IS about catching AND today IS going to be even better than yesterday. But alas, it is fishing, and sometimes it’s about eliminating water and a down right lesson in perseverance.

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St. Simons Fishing Report April 6, 2018

Finally! I got to fish with my favorite fishing partner! Most of you know, while Michelle is a wonderful mother and wife, she doubles as one of the most fearless and accomplished all around anglers I’ve ever fished with. A “natural”, so to speak. Light tackle fishing for red fish with artificial lures is her favorite frustration, but she has put me to shame catching snook, flounder, triple tail and trout as well! I use the word fearless, prudently, as Michelle has fished in everything from named storms to sub-freezing winter days. Well today, ole Momma Nature smiled on us.

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St. Simons Island Fishing Report March 29, 2018

While fishing excursions encompass literally thousands of techniques and equipment from battling huge flying tarpon to tossing light flies at red fish, a good old family fishing trip with youngsters is hard to beat. Today I had the pleasure of fishing with the Allen family again. Watching these kids progress as young men is almost as rewarding as watching them battle competitively (friendly…for the most part) on who caught the most, biggest and tastiest!

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