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Captain's Fishing Reports

St Simons Island Fishing Report January 2019

While a good many folks across the country have stowed fishing gear, winterized boats and eagerly await the spring, many anglers here in the Southeast are full throttle! For those in the know, cool weather can really bunch up the fish. With average daytime temperatures hovering around 60, degrees, the conditions can actually be quite comfortable!

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St Simons Island Fishing Report June 15, 2018

Fishing in June can often be tricky do to the constant emergence of bait fish entering the marsh. Today’s fishing charter started out pretty darn tricky until we figured out the structure the baitfish were hiding on. We left our early pattern of shell and docks and switched over to man made rock walls and ballist piles.

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St Simons Island Fishing Report June 4th, 2018

Water tempatures have crept up into the low 80’s and light winds out of the southwest have settled in. These patterns will provide some excellent conditions for chasing tarpon, large acrobatic spinner sharks, big jacks and triple tails along the beaches of the Golden Isles. It’s a unique fishery with an abundance of marine life working through the food chain.

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St Simons Island Fishing Report May 26, 2018

Memorial Day here on St Simons Island ushers in many great fishing opportunities! Along with our year round resident trout, redfish and sheepshead, others such as tarpon, flounder, triple tail, sharks and jacks will join the party! Water temperatures will reach 75-78 degrees and many fish will settle into predictable feeding locations. The feeding stations and times will be many and varied though as the marsh fills with forage. Mullet, menhaden, shrimp, crabs and many other food supplies will be readily available 24 hours a day! So what exactly does an angler do to compete with this buffet?

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St Simons Island Fishing Report May 16, 2018

As of this moment I am beginning to think we are in the throws of a tropical depression. We’ve rescheduled a few trips due to weather and crossing our fingers we can fish thru this as May is booked fairly solid. Before this current weather pattern (rain!) spring was doing it’s thing both offshore and inshore.

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